Col. William Hill's Memoirs of the Revolution

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Page   3 Introduction
Page   4 The Author to the Reader
Page   5 The Author..., continued
Page   6 Pickens surrenders 96*
Page   7 Hill organizes opposition
Page   8 Hill's Iron Works. Ramsour's Mill*
Page   9 Williamson's.
Page 10 Hill's loss of slaves
Page 11 Rocky Mount
Page 12 Hanging Rock
Page 13 Fishdam Ford*
Page 14 Blackstocks
Page 15 James Williams, supplies
Page 16 Musgrove's Mill*
Page 17 Williams' commission
Page 18 Wms. commission disputed
Page 19 Ferguson at KM. Wms. missing
Page 20 Wms. deceives Overmountain Men.
Page 21 Hill enlists Williams' men
Page 22 Wms. tags along to Cowpens
Page 23 Kings Mountain. Williams killed
Page 24 Wms. excluded. Musgroves*
Page 25 Musgroves*
Page 26 Retreat after Musgroves*
Page 27 KM planned*. Liberty Tree
Page 28 Drayton-Tennant. Early districts.
Page 29 Delegates to const. convention
Page 30 Hill included women in petition
Page 31 Hill urged more reps sent
Page 32 Selecting Columbia as capitol
Page 33 Certificate.
Page 34 Index. Adams - Governor
Page 35 Index: Granby - Savannah
Page 36 Index: Scotland - York
* Hill was not present.