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An Editorial Comment and Word of Caution
  1. All items in this listing are relevant to the American Revolutionary War in some way, sometimes in a minor way.

  2. This listing is limited by what can be found online somewhere. This means that much of it is "old history" and does not reflect the latest research.

  3. It has been the intent to include in this listing all the sorts of books that would be expected in a "brick and mortar" library on the same topic (not limited to battles and bugles). Books will be found on what was known about mathematics, agriculture, astronomy, navigation, surveying, medicine. Also are included the Bibles of the time.

  4. An effort has been made to include books representing the views of both sides. No battle or war will ever be understood until one reaches the point that matters can be fairly considered from both sides.

  5. Simply because it is online does not mean that it is public domain. Be alert for copyrighted material. You will please note that copyrighted material is not on this website but is linked from this website, an important difference.

  6. The user should be alert to lack of historicity in some of the material. A century ago, few took offense to embroidering on the facts in the name of patriotism. Presence of an item in this listing does not imply that the editor necessarily considers it historically accurate. In most cases, if a link contains only apochryphal1 material, I have not included it. E.g., I am always dubious of accounts of irate female vs. Tarleton, or of swordplay of Wm. Washington vs. Tarleton. I have included James' ...Marion, but with some reluctance, those of Simms or Weems. All history books contain some such material. That found on this listing can be expected to contain more than usual.

  7. While it is acknowledged that much of the material linked from this site was written long ago, we must remember that the events they describe occurred even longer ago. While we today have the advantages of mechanized retrieval of stored material, and have the perspective of distance, we must note that there are also advantanges to proximity in time and distance as well as greater probability of available living witnesses. We should note any differences in methodology and criteria from modern historians, but should be slow to declare them deficiencies, considering the latitude among modern historians.

  8. I invite your attention to the search engines/collections used to mine for most of this material. You may well find them useful in your own similar searches.

  9. Your comments/corrections/additions are welcome. Please feel free to email me. A tremendous amount of time and effort has been required to construct this listing, and I currently have no idea of its usefulness to others.
1. apocryphal: widely circulated but unlikely to be true. Compact Oxford English Dictionary of Current English.