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SCPA Southern Campaign Rev. War Pension Statements
Website ~16,000 files. Files show up in searches within a week of uploading. Click here
JR Global Gazetteer of the American Revolution Website >1600 RevWar actions and sites worldwide. Coordinates, maps. Click here
JR Online Library of the American Revolution Website ~1400 RevWar books and articles, all viewpoints, worldwide. Click here
JR Historical County Lines Website Locations of US county lines, by year and state. Click here
SCAR Southern Campaigns of the Amer. Revolution Website ~200 scholarly articles on the Southern Campaign Click here
BoC Documentary History of the Battle of Camden, 1780 Website Numerous documents and articles. Click here
RW75 RevWar'75
Website. Large actions listing. Orderly books. Library. Click here.
AWIAS American War of Independence at Sea Website 40 naval actions of the RevWar, many not found elsewhere. Click here
ARISC The American Revolution in S Carolina Website 266 RevWar actions in SC. Good info. Small-scale maps. Click here
ARINC The American Revolution in N Carolina Website 155 RevWar actions in NC. Good info. Small-scale maps. Click here
AmRevOrg American War Of Independence 1775-1783 Website Numerous RevWar articles. The late Ed St.Germain's site. Click here
RP Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies Website Todd Braisted's informative site on British Provincials. Click here
BT Banastre Tarleton and the British Legion Website Marj Baskins' informative site on Banastre Tarleton and his officers. Click here
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